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Account import seems broken

@Friendica Support

I'm trying to move my account to a new Friendica instabce I just created for the current git stable. I have both admin access to the old and the current instance.

When uploading my .account I exported from my current instance to my new instance, I get a 404:
Exception thrown in <friendica-dir>/src/Module/HTTPException/PageNotFound.php:49
Stack trace:
\#0 <friendica-dir>/src/BaseModule.php(244): Friendica\Module\HTTPException\PageNotFound->content()
\#1 <friendica-dir>/src/Module/HTTPException/PageNotFound.php(80): Friendica\BaseModule->run()
\#2 <friendica-dir>/src/App.php(703): Friendica\Module\HTTPException\PageNotFound->run()
\#3 <friendica-dir>/index.php(52): Friendica\App->runFrontend()
\#4 {main}

Any idea what could be wrong?

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in reply to Martin

@Martin What is the URL that triggers this 404 Not Found error?

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in reply to Hypolite Petovan

Okay, when POST to /uimport I actually get a 200 but "Not found" page with the exception above is in the response body.

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