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About Abstracts in Friendica

I've just rediscovered a feature of Friendica, composing abstracts for different audiences. Friendica allows you to write long postings, much longer then the arbitrary chosen 280 or 500 characters. But it also allows you to send those long texts into streams and networks that are not suited for such long texts. For such cases, Friendica has the BBCode tag abstract, you can use to add a summary to the posting--these summaries can be specific for different platforms you relay your posting to.

So say, you make a public posting into the Fediverse that is also send to Twitter by Friendica. Instead of hoping that Friendica does shorten the text correctly for Twitter (it tries to do so) you can define the content send over to the land of the 280 character yourself. Just add an [abstract=twit]This is the message for Twitter[/abstract].

In addition, you can set a general abstract for the ActivityPub network with [abstract=apub]This will the abstract for AP platforms[/abstract] (the result is called Content Warning / CW on other platforms in the Fediverse). And best of all, you can combine the two 😀

As illustration, here is the posting I just wrote. It is not that long, but it was too long for Twitter; so the extra abstract was added.

[abstract=twit]Lorenz hat Micha mal Löcher in den Bauch gefragt, als sie sich das #Fediverse (#Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Pixelfed, #Pleroma) in der 1. Staffel von "Besser" angeschaut haben.[/abstract]

[abstract=apub]Podcast Empfehlung über das Fediverse - nicht nur Mastodon 😉[/abstract]

Auch wenn die erste Staffel von "Besser - Der Podcast" schon ein paar Tage auf dem Buckel hat lohnt der sich in meinen Augen als Einführung ins #Fediverse. fragt da einige Löcher in den Bauch über #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Pixelfed, #Pleroma und noch einige andere Plattformen.

Den Fediverse Account des #Podcast findet ihr hier: 

BTW Friendica offers several addons providing tools for users to define what postings should be filtered/collapsed in their streams. By length, language, filtered words. This is the reason why abstracts are mostly used for outgoing communication but not on Friendica itself.

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